Domestic violence survivor gets engaged to medic who saved her life

First Responder Proposes At MLB Game To Woman He Helped Save
First Responder Proposes At MLB Game To Woman He Helped Save

In 2012, 20-year old Melissa Dohme was stabbed 32 times by her boyfriend, Robert Lee Burton Jr. who was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Since then, Dohme has spent the past three years speaking up as a domestic violence awareness advocate.

Little did Dohme know that the horrific incident would land her in the middle of an accidental love story. Paramedic Cameron Hill, who was the first responder on the scene, saved Dohme's life in 2012 and has remained a strong support system by her side ever since.

The pair began dating soon after Hill saw Dohme speak at a church in Clearwater, Florida. Three years later, the inspiring couple is now engaged.

Hill's proposal was the sweetest thing ever. On Monday, Dohme was meant to throw the ceremonial first pitch for her advocacy work at the Tampa Bay Rays game. Right as she prepared to toss the pitch, Hill shocked the entire stadium, including Dohme, by handing her a baseball with the words "will you marry me?" scrawled across it. He then got down on one knee right there on the pitchers mound, in front of the entire stadium and thousands watching on live TV, and asked Dohme to be his wife.

We wish all domestic violence survivors would be able to empower themselves in order to live a happily ever after the way Dohme has. Unfortunately, not all survivors have the proper resources, support, and care they need. Dohme's story warms our hearts and affirms our belief in second chances and starting over. It also reminds us that domestic violence survivors need support during and after recovery to live healthy lives and to pursue happy relationships.

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