Connected Episode 13: Marriage & Other Arrangements

Connected S1:E13  Marriage & Other Arrangements
Connected S1:E13 Marriage & Other Arrangements

The AOL Originals series, "Connected," follows New Yorkers as they film themselves without the interruption of camera crews in a fresh twist on the unscripted format.

Among the cast is Rosie Noesi, a radio and television personality who has struggled to come to terms with her past divorce throughout the series. Noesi's current beau, caught in the weight of that emotional baggage, has attempted to propose to her multiple times on camera to no avail.

"This is Josh, pitching marriage to me," she says in Episode 13. "Go ahead"

"I know that your past experience has made you view marriage as like, marriage is the worst thing in the world," he jokes. "You're going to go from hating marriage to loving marriage. I will be the best husband. I will do any- and everything, and I will love you forever."

But her family's perspective on her former marriage is one of the largest obstacles preventing Noesi from moving on.

"When I was a little girl, I always looked at my father and wanted to be exactly like him. Kind, sweet, funny," she says. "He never put himself first. Also, he worked really, really hard for his money. He wasn't given anything when he came to this country. And that's why I felt so bad when everything crumbled."

Noesi faces her anxiety over her failed marriage by asking her father to take back her wedding ring. Watch his sweet response to her gesture 17 minutes and 40 seconds into the video.

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