British bus company apologizes for 'ride me all day' ads

British Bus Company Apologizes for 'Ride Me All Day' Ads
British Bus Company Apologizes for 'Ride Me All Day' Ads

A Welsh company's back-of-the-bus ad is getting some serious backlash.

New Adventure Travel in south Wales found itself at the center of a Twitter firestorm after it began an advertising campaign showing a semi-naked woman holding a sign in front of her reading, 'ride me all day for three pounds.'

New Adventure even posted pictures of the bus ads on Twitter touting it's new bus service, which have since been taken down, but shared and spread quickly by outraged Twitter users, calling it:horrendous, disgraceful, offensive, and, represents the commodification of a woman's body and trivialization of prostitution.

I will point out the one thing you can't call the ads is sexist, because although they commodify a woman's body, they also commodify a man's body.

New Adventure quickly apologized saying the slogan was "... in no way intended to cause offense to either men or women" and says it will be removing all the ads from the buses.