Amy Schumer mocks female objectification on late night shows (video)

Amy Schumer Mocks Blake Lively's Talk Show Persona
Amy Schumer Mocks Blake Lively's Talk Show Persona

On Tuesday, Inside Amy Schumer aired a sketch addressing female objectification in celebrity late night interviews. Amy Schumer stars as "Amy Lake Blively" with Bill Hader as host "Cliffley."

Schumer's character giggles, flirts, and is inept at sitting in a chair as her legs become more and more shiny and bronzed. She is promoting Baz Luhrmann's musical remake of Blade Runner and she talks about being a tomboy, baking, and liking comic books.

It's all over when she announces her favorite movie is Star Wars. Watch below.

Here are some interviews Schumer may be referencing in her parody, including an interview where Blake Lively tells David Letterman she has a crush on him and another where Jennifer Lawrence is cold and is offered a blanket:

For more photos of Amy, check out the slideshow below:

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