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Nepal Rocked By Second Earthquake in a Month
Nepal Rocked By Second Earthquake in a Month

Everything we're talking about this morning -- what you need to know, in five minutes or less.

There's been a second earthquake in Nepal, and the death toll of this quake hit 36, with at least 1,117 people injured. This 7.3 magnitude quake follows the stronger one of April 25th that killed over 8,000 people. Read more here.

2. A study revealed Tuesday that more Americans are less Christian and more secular. The number of Americans who do not affiliate with a particular religion has risen to 56 million in recent years, find out more here.

3. A Picasso painting, the "Women of Algiers (Version O)," sold at Christie's auction for a world record-breaking sum, over $179 million. It beat the previous record holder by a staggering number -- nearly $40 million. Read more here!

4. Lea Michele and her fellow 'Glee' costars gave a touching tribute to Cory Monteith on his birthday yesterday. Read more here.

5. Deflategate rears its head yet again, with Brady suspended for four games following the NFL's investigation into the scandal. Read more here.

6. U.S. News just released the list of 2015 Best High Schools in the country. Get all the details here, and click through below to see the top 10. Did your child's school make the list?

7. After the bombshell reports of poor working conditions in New York City's nail salons, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for wide-sweeping reform. Read more here.

8. 10 years on, Natalee Holloway's father is back in Aruba to search for answers and follow up on new clues. Find out more.