Ryan Reynolds joins Instagram, posts gravity-defying 'Deadpool' pic!


Ryan Reynolds just joined Instagram on Monday, where he proved once again how awesome he is with his very first post!

So what was the first photo the 38-year-old new dad decided to share? Was it a picture of his baby? Or a photo of his lively wife Blake Lively?

NEWS: 'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Shares New, Bloody Production Photo

Nope! It was a photo a Deadpool flying through the air, over a car, duel wielding twin Desert Eagles, with the caption, "Stuck the landing. With my mouth." Because Ryan Reynolds is every conceivable kind of awesome.

For months the Deadpool star has been tweeting out photos of the beloved character in all manner of strange situations.

NEWS: Ryan Reynolds Shares Glorious First Pic as Deadpool--Check Out the Burt Reynolds Pose!

On Sunday, Ryan posted Deadpool's NSFW Mother's Day message. It was a photo of the red-and-black leather clad mercenary in a delivery room, holding a baby, with the caption, "#Deadpool: A motherf**ker since 1991. #happymamasday"


Now, we get to see even more epic Deadpool posts on yet another form of social media and, quite frankly, we couldn't be more excited.

And, because he is a loving, dedicated husband, he's only following one person: His adorable wife. That's the modern day version of proving your devotion.

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