Mom who sacrificed her life for her baby lives on in videos

Mom Who Sacrificed Her Life For Her Baby Lives On In Videos
Mom Who Sacrificed Her Life For Her Baby Lives On In Videos

Lily Joice is a year old -- her mom and dad Liz and Max Joice filmed their pregnancy as part of a documentary called "40 Weeks".Sadly, Liz won't get to see baby Lily grow up. She died from cancer a little over a month after giving birth. When she was pregnant doctors gave Liz the option to terminate and start cancer treatment or give up her own life for her unborn child.

Just because Liz can't physically be there with Lily, thanks to the brains at Big Belli, the company who created '40 Weeks', she can still teach her daughter.

Director Christopher Henze continued to film the family and is compiling videos to give Lily throughout her life.

According the the NY Post, right now Lily can learn words and counting through educational videos on her iPad that use her own mother's voice and image.

Henze plans on continuing to produce videos for Lily to have at different stages in her life. One includes a message from Liz directly to her daughter.

Max Joice told the NY Post that his daughter reminds him so much of Liz -- who in some ways, is still with them.