Man wills $50K to 2 servers at his favorite restaurant

Man Wills $50K to Two Servers at His Favorite Restaurant
Man Wills $50K to Two Servers at His Favorite Restaurant

If you work in a restaurant, you probably appreciate your regulars, but two New York City waitresses are even more grateful after a beloved customer included them in his will.

Renowned art collector Robert Ellsworth left a $50,000 "tip" for each of his two favorite waitresses at Donohue's Steak House: Maureen Donohue-Peters and her niece, Maureen Barrie.

ABC reports despite being a frequent customer, Ellsworth didn't know their last names.

"So he said, '$50,000 to Maureen at Donohue's, and $50,000 to Maureen at Donohue's niece Maureen," Amy Robach reports.

That's one heck of a tip. Humor aside, Ellsworth was truly loved at the restaurant.

Donohue-Peters told the New York Post "out of eight meals, he ate seven here. We were his dining room."

She told WABC: "[He was] very down to Earth, very nice. He'd help anyone out. ... I'd much rather have him here than have the money."

Ellsworth passed away last August, at the age of 85. The New York Times reports although he never graduated from high school, he became one of the biggest dealers of Asian art in the country.

For a biography of Ellsworth, as well as an idea of his collections, head to auction house Christie's website. It seems fitting he preferred not to conduct sales in a gallery but invited buyers, as guests, into his living room.

Although his worth at the time of his death was roughly $200 million, the New York Post reports one of his favorite meals was a cheap one: grilled cheese with bacon. Barrie called him, "a wonderful man, and a dear friend."

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