Man gives back more than $500,000 in will

People Working Cooperatively: Man Gives Back More Than $500,000 in Will
People Working Cooperatively: Man Gives Back More Than $500,000 in Will

A man who once lived in poverty left a half million dollars to an agency dedicated to fixing homes for those in need.

Staffers at People Working Cooperatively say it's the biggest donation they have ever received - coming from a man they helped over 14 years ago, Jerry Violetta.

"We were able to do that for him and about a year later he started making small contributions. Every year we would get $25 from him," said Chris Owens, VP of development.

When Violetta died of a heart attack in 2014, he gave everything back and much more with a check for $523,861.13. Violetta volunteered three days a week in a resale shop benefiting cancer patients. Without familiy or kids of his own, the community quickly became all the family he needed. When he died, Violetta also donated his furniture to the resale shop.

In honor of Jerry's generosity, the volunteers at People Working Cooperatively decided to honor him in return by dedicating a jewlery case in which they dubbed "Jerry's Gems" in his memory.

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