Hiker finds Reese Witherspoon's missing boot from 'Wild'

Hiker Finds Reese Witherspoon's Missing Boot from 'Wild'
Hiker Finds Reese Witherspoon's Missing Boot from 'Wild'

Remember the boot Reese Witherspoon's character hurled off a mountain in that movie Wild? Have you ever wondered whatever happened to it?

A Washington hiker finally has the answer. Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed in the adaption of the author's best-selling memoir, who makes a journey of self-discovery while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Chris Kesting tells the Oregonian when he was watching the opening boot-throwing scene he immediately recognized exactly where it was filmed: on the south side of Mt. Hood Skibowl near government camp, with Tom Dick and Harry mountain in the background.

So he and a friend hiked to the spot and searched, and sure enough Kesting spotted the red laces of the ladies size six-and-a-half Danner boot worn by Witherspoon in the movie, and says he's keeping the boot on a shelf as a souvenir.

Strayed posted about Kesting's find on Facebook, confirming the crew did follow the "leave no trace" principles while filming two years ago but weren't able to find the boot when they searched for it. Danning custom-made 25 pairs of boots for Witherspoon to accommodate both the throwing scene and to show progressive wear.