Diane Keaton reveals her beauty 'secrets' and opens up about skin cancer

Reporting by ALEX GEORGE

There's no doubt Diane Keaton is an icon.

The stunning star, 69, who is a spokesperson for L'oréal Paris, is famous for her impeccable taste, fashion sensibility and abillity to age gracefully in Hollywood. With two films currently in the works and a collaboration with the Melanoma Research Alliance, the actress is also showing no signs of slowing down and has never looked better!

And according to the leading lady -- her 'secret' is simple: Sunscreen.

"Everyday, everyday. It's not even a beauty secret. It's a life secret," she told AOL in an exclusive interview at an event with L'oréal Paris and the Melanoma Research Alliance. "Here's the thing, you know what I don't get is, why not just put it on."

As a two-time skin cancer survivor and a spokesperson and it's no surprise that Keaton swears by skin protection (in addition to her quirky sense of style and penchant for fun hats) -- for her, it's personal.

"When I grew up, I was at the beach in the sixties and we just didn't do anything at all except try to get that tan," she said. "For me, it was very early on, when I was 21, when I had my first skin cancer and I did nothing about it."

Keaton is weary of calling it a beauty secret, though. With beauty, the mother-of-two is a bit more cynical.

"I would say that beauty is an all-encompassing hugely profound word that we bandy about too freely. What is beauty? It comes and goes ... But the experience of being with you, you're a human being – that's interesting to me," she said.

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