Couple watches as storm shelter lifts out of garage during storm

Couple Watches As Storm Shelter Lifts Out Of Garage During Storm
Couple Watches As Storm Shelter Lifts Out Of Garage During Storm

MOORE, Okla. – A Moore family found something disturbing in their garage after last week's torrential rains.

In the space where the family parks their car, they found their storm shelter.

"I heard the water really gurgle really loud," said Ronnie South.

When South went inside his garage, he saw his storm shelter floating.

"I said, 'Look at this,' and we just watched it come right up out of the ground," South said.

Storm shelter experts say if installed improperly, just a small amount of ground water under a shelter is enough to pop it loose.

Ronnie and his wife live just blocks away from the path of destruction caused by the May 20, 2013 tornado.

They rode out that storm two years ago in their hallway.

"We bought [the storm shelter] right after that," South said.

They thought they were safe until the shelter decided to break free.

The family also learned the company they purchased the shelter from is out of business.

They say they don't have the money to hire someone to put it back into the ground.

"If [a tornado] comes, we're in deep trouble again. If it blew the house away, it's bound to blow [the shelter] away, it's just sitting there," South said.

NewsChannel 4 made a few phone calls and found a company that was willing to help get their shelter back in the ground.

"We would be happy to step up and help reinstall your shelter," a Tornado Safe representative said.

But Tornado Safe isn't just going to reinstall the shelter.

"Just pull that out and we'll give you a new Tornado Safe certified shelter," the representative added.

Tornado Safe says they will be out within the next few weeks to get the South family back underground.

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