Thief gets stuck in elevator with victim during robbery

Thief Gets Stuck In Elevator With Victim During Robbery
Thief Gets Stuck In Elevator With Victim During Robbery

An elevator ride turned out to be quite awkward for one man in Florida.

A video posted by Broward Sheriff's Office shows a 77-year-old woman getting into an elevator in Lauderdale Lakes on April 29. She's soon followed by an individual who asks her to stay quiet and quickly grabs her purse at knife point.

At that point with his back towards the door, he still seems to think that it is open and turns around in a flash. He hits his head against the closing door and now both the thief and the victim are stuck in an elevator going up.

For a brief period in the middle of the video, it almost seems like a routine ride with the occupants trying to look busy. Except in this case, the man is rummaging through the purse of the woman he just robbed and who also happens to be standing next to him.

The elevator door opens on the 4th floor. The armed robber doesn't forget to 'ssshhh' the woman one more time before escaping from the stairwell.

There's a reward of up to $3,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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