The perfect 'Pitch Perfect' playlist

'Pitch Perfect 2': Featurette - A Look Inside
'Pitch Perfect 2': Featurette - A Look Inside

"Pitch Perfect 2" is about to hit theaters everywhere and will thus usher in a new wave of aca-awesomeness. The movie turned hit songs into viral YouTube sensations with covers of "Since U Been Gone" and "Right Round." cares about you and your listening pleasure, so we decided to put all of the aca-amazing "Pitch Perfect" songs right in one place for you!

Since U Been Gone
This amazing rendition will release your inner Barden Bella (or Treblemaker).

Don't Stop the Music
This is the first we see of the Treblemakers and lets face it, it was kind of amazing.

Let It Whip
The Treblemakers combined this song with their suave nature to entice new members for their acapella group, and it worked.

If there was one song to define the movie, it was this chart-topping sensation. We apologize in advance, this will be stuck in your head all day.

Right Round
Another Treblemakers masterpiece that will get you up and jamming in no time.

Party in the U.S.A
Classic Miley. The Barden Bellas break out in song while on their way to competition. Who wouldn't want to be on that bus?!

Price Tag
The Barden Bellas managed to break out of their skin with this hit that was EPIC.

Don't You Forget About Me
The classic song from "The Breakfast Club" paired up with "Price Tag," makes for a song you could play on repeat for hours.


Bright Lights, Bigger City
The Treblemakers mashed this into their finale performance and dare we say, it was even better than the original.

I've Got the Magic In Me
This number was also performed during the Treblemakers finale performance, and when the rap portion of the song starts, you know you're in for a treat.

Just the Way You Are
Thanks to Anna Kendrick's character, Beca, the Barden Bellas are no longer stuck in the 90s with this amazing version of Bruno Mars.

Just a Dream
Mashed up with "Just the Way You Are," this duo performed intimately among the Bellas is an amazing movie moment.

Like a Virgin
Finally, the Riff-Off was the place to be and Madonna's "Like A Virgin" was a great addition to the "Women of the 80s" category.

Excited? You should be! Play these tunes to get you ready for another aca-awesome movie!

For more aca-awesome "Pitch Perfect" content, check out the gallery below from the premiere for the first movie!

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