Sunset captured on the surface of Mars

Sunset Captured on the Surface of Mars
Sunset Captured on the Surface of Mars

You're watching a sunset, on Mars. No need to adjust your screen to watch this NASA video the blue tinge to the dark skyline above the horizon is how the view is seen from the surface.

The images were taken by the Mars Rovers opportunity and curiosity. The amazing blue you see is the result of red dust particles spread about the atmosphere.

A bit of the reverse of the way we see a sunset.

As rover images are mostly transmitted back to earth in black and white the unusual color schemes are recreated by NASA's planetary society. From the red planet the sun appears about half its size as we see on earth and roughly offers just 40% of the illumination we get.

The Mars rovers have been on a variety of missions around the planet. Throughout it's mission, opportunity has witnessed nearly 4,000 sunsets since it landed on Mars.

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