'RHOA' reunion: NeNe Leakes breaks down, walks out

'RHOA' Reunion: NeNe Leakes Breaks Down, Walks Out
'RHOA' Reunion: NeNe Leakes Breaks Down, Walks Out

On the season finale of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe Leakes broke down in tears and walked out when her therapist, Dr. Jeff, asked her to talk about her mother.

On Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" NeNe Leakes said, "I can't talk about my mom. I can't talk about my mom."

And boy did the entertainment world pounce on NeNe's vulnerable moment. People said she was "in hysterics," Us Weekly said she cracked, and Hollywood Life described the scene as "a total meltdown."

But despite the focus on the breakdown, tears, and walkout, we learned a lot about NeNe. Her husband Gregg Leakes said NeNe has dealt with abandonment issues all her life.

He shared that NeNe is one of five children, and her and one of her brothers were sent away to be raised by an aunt. She's been haunted her whole life by the fact, wondering what she did to be sent away.

Fans on Twitter didn't seem to have too much sympathy for NeNe though, and one person even tweeted, "Why was it OK for the group to attack Kenya Moore last season but now NeNe is a victim?"

But as for the women themselves, they all seemed to end on a positive note. A writer for E! said, "instead of more fighting and instigating, the group came to an understanding and dare we say peaceful resolution."

What can we say? We never thought "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" would end in a group hug. Phew. What a Mother's Day.

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