Police dog missing for 7 days reunited with emotional handler

Police Dog Missing For 7 Days Reunited With Emotional Handler

A police dog that went missing during a training exercise was reunited with his very excited handler.

Thames, a four-year-old German Shepard, disappeared in New Zealand's Tararua Ranges and ended up spending seven nights alone there before rescuers were able to locate him.

In that time his handler, Constable Mike Wakefield, was beside himself with worry.

Reportedly, he cried and exhausted himself searching, but he never gave up hope.

Not long before the canine was found, Wakefield said, "He'll find someone before someone finds him. If he's in the bush he'll pick up on someone being in the vicinity and he'll be looking for human contact."
Though that's not exactly how the recovery happened, Wakefield was right not to lose faith.

The search team, which included both professional handlers and volunteers, happened upon a fresh footprint.

That put them on the right track, and ultimately led them to the dog.

It was Wakefield who spotted him, and what followed was a very high-spirited reunion.

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