Mother and daughter's tear-jerking reunion after 77 years apart

Mother Meets Daughter for First Time After 77 Years
Mother Meets Daughter for First Time After 77 Years

Minka and Betty Jane's remarkable story of faith and love will leave a permanent mark on your heart.

In 1928, 16-year-old Minka was suddenly cornered and attacked in the woods by three men. Minka's entire world turned upside-down when she soon discovered that she was pregnant, ultimately giving up the baby girl for adoption after naming her Betty Jane.

As decades passed, Minka never forgot about her daughter, writing letters in search of updates and praying that they may meet again. Little did Minka know, her prayers would soon be answered when they get to meet 77 years after Betty Jane was adopted.

Watch and be in awe of the miracles a mother's love can create.

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