Moms get surprise call from Obama for Mother's Day

Magdalena Guillen
Moms Get Surprise Call From Obama for Mother's Day
Moms Get Surprise Call From Obama for Mother's Day

It's the mother of all Mother's Day phone calls.

"We decided that on Mother's Day, we needed to call up some moms. How are you?" President Obama said.

This Sunday, President Obama surprised three moms around the country with phone calls wishing them a happy Mother's Day. Local news outlets later caught up with the mothers to get their reactions.

"Once I hung up the phone, I'm like 'I gotta breath! I don't think I've been breathing!'" Stephanie Tarr told KSTP.

"And I'm like, 'Nuh uh!' And he goes, 'Yes it is!' And I'm like, 'No way!'" Patricia Church told WFTV.

"I was shocked and speechless, which is really unusual for me." Dawn Miller said to KNXV.

All three mothers received the phone calls because of letters they had written to the White House. In Dawn Miller's case, she wrote in to praise the president's healthcare bill after her son was able to receive medical coverage under the law.

On Friday, Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden celebrated military moms at the annual White House Mother's Day tea.