Mom wins $1 million on the best Mother's Day ever

Mom Wins $1 Million on Mother's Day
Mom Wins $1 Million on Mother's Day

LINCOLN- Wishing her luck and showing her love, the Boyd family celebrates their mom every year at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln. But this year, their Mother's Day tradition will go down in history.

"This is the best Mother's Day, this year," Ok Hwa Boyd said.

Boyd had been working a nickel slot on the "One Million Degree Machine" when she hit the jackpot on a bonus round.

"It was scary! You know, I said 'Oh my God!" she said.

Her daughter Diana said she didn't want to scare her mom so she told her she won and looked for an attendant.

After Ok Hwa took a swig of water to calm down, casino attendants confirmed she won a million dollars this Mother's Day.

"She's just wonderful and she has such a caring heart, and it could not have happened to a better mom," her daughter Nan said.

Ok Hwa said she plans to buy a home with her winnings.

For this mother of three, cashing in is really about continuing to care for her family.

"Rest of my life, I want my kids together," Ok Hwa said.

"What she wants is for everyone to be together and to be in a nice house," Diana said. "It just shows how dedicated to us forever."

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