Man loses weight on McDonald's-only diet, becomes brand ambassador

Man Loses Weight On McDonald's-Only Diet, Becomes Brand Ambassador
Man Loses Weight On McDonald's-Only Diet, Becomes Brand Ambassador

A high school science teacher from Iowa is now the brand ambassador for one of the biggest fast food chains in America.Last year John Cisna set out to see if a person could actually become healthier by eating only McDonald's. At the start of the experiment, Cisna weighed 280 pounds and 90 days later, he was 37 pounds lighter.

After another three months, he weighed 224 pounds - losing a total of 56 pounds by eating nothing but McDonald's for six months.

He dined at the chain three times a day and followed the FDA-recommended nutritional guidelines. Three of his students were responsible for creating a menu of McDonald's food that added up to only 2,000 calories a day. Cisna's routine also included walking for at least 45 minutes almost every day.

Cisna's students used the McDonald's meal planner to create his diet. He told the Huffington Post that at first a sample menu included fruit parfaits, oatmeal and salads, but he had his students add highly caloric items such as Big Macs at the end of his 90-day experiment to prove they could be incorporated.

Now, not only has his body changed and his cholesterol came down 79 points, but his career shifted as well. McDonald's hired Cisna to be the brand ambassador.

So he basically ate fast food every day, lost weight and got a new job because of it. That's my kind of success story.

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