Jury declares Starbucks not liable for Raleigh officer's burns

Jury Declares Starbucks Not Liable For Raleigh Officer's Burns
Jury Declares Starbucks Not Liable For Raleigh Officer's Burns

A jury has weighed in on whether or not Starbucks should be held liable for the coffee burns and subsequent troubles suffered by a Raleigh, North Carolina police officer.

They decided 10-2 that the chain is not responsible and therefore not required to pay the 750,000 dollars being sought by the plaintiff.

The incident under review occurred in January of 2012.

A group of police officers were given free cups of coffee by an area Starbucks, but Lieutenant Matthew Kohr said that the lid on his popped off and the cup collapsed.

As a result, the hot liquid inside poured onto his lap and caused blisters and 3rd degree burns.

Kohr also asserted that the situation caused him a great deal of stress, which led to a flare-up of his Crohn's Disease.

Getting that situation under control required a part of his intestine be removed, and several months of sick leave.

By the end of the first day of deliberations, the jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision.

After being informed by the judge that both sides had agreed to a majority vote, the jury announced their conclusion.