Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, woman celebrating Mother's Day early after delivering 13 pound baby

13-Pound Baby Born Friday Largest on Record at West Penn Hospital
13-Pound Baby Born Friday Largest on Record at West Penn Hospital

PITTSBURGH (WTAE) - An Ellwood City woman is celebrating Mother's Day in a big way this weekend after giving birth to a 13 pound, 10 ounce baby Friday.

Isaac Hall was born to Brad and Michelle Hall at West Penn Hospital, and longtime nurses there say he is the biggest baby born there since the early 80s.

"I always said we were nine months pregnant for the last three months," Michelle Hall joked.

Isaac is healthy and happy and even though he was delivered a week early, he is twice the size of an average newborn.

"Once we had the ultrasounds and the size and everything, they decided to have a planned C-section," Michelle Hall said.

She didn't need an ultrasound to know Isaac was going to be one big boy.

"It was a really big belly. Very heavy."

Dr. Andrew Sword, West Penn Hospital OBGYN, says the baby was too large to be delivered safely any other way.

"When I polled all the pediatricians from this hospital, some of them whom date from the early 1980s, there's never been a baby on record that's this size," Sword said.

When babies are born this big, there is often an underlying health issue with the mother or child. That is not the case here. Isaac is one healthy bundle of joy.

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