Connected Episode 13: Did you forget that I was filming my life?

Connected S1:E13  Marriage & Other Arrangements
Connected S1:E13 Marriage & Other Arrangements

In a fresh twist on the unscripted format, the AOL Originals series, "Connected," follows New Yorkers as they film themselves without the interruption of a camera crew. Among the cast is Jonathan Bricklin, a writer and entrepreneur who was dating Oscar-winning actor Susan Sarandon when he signed on to the show.

Rumors have surfaced that the couple's split (seen in episode nine) was in part due to Bricklin filming their life together. In the newest episode, we see a short reconciliation of the couple when he asks her to join him on a getaway in Aspen. But upon her arrival, Sarandon appears hesitant to appear on camera again.

"I'm confused," Sarandon says over the phone four minutes into the video. "Maybe I should just go back."

Clearly frustrated, Bricklin asks, "Did you forget that I was filming my life?" To which she responds, "You told me that you didn't want to film me anymore."

Sarandon appears later in the episode with Bricklin, though the nature of their relationship remains complex.

"I have had a string of relationships," Bricklin says. "And my relationship with Susan has been the most meaningful one. And I love her madly, and she loves me too. But it feels limiting. It feels like I'm not as alive as when we're not seeing each other."

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