7-year-old girl speaks out about being transgender

7-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out About Being Transgender

Ever wondered what it would be like if your 7-year-old son told you that inside he was a girl? Well, one Kansas City couple knows about this all too well.

Avery Jackson may have been born a boy, but ever since she turned 4-years-old, she's claimed she's really a girl. Avery's parents, Tom and Debbie Jackson, have shown constant love and support for their child, and Tom says "she's still a human being, and everyone deserves a little common courtesy and respect."

As the public spokesperson of the family, Debbie has been speaking out about her daughter and what it truly means to be transgender. The internet got word of Avery's story after one of Debbie's appearances went viral, and the family has faced both public and private ridicule ever since.

Once the negative responses began spewing in, Tom and Debbie realized the best thing for Avery would be to shield her from the public, but Avery soon had other plans. After seeing another transgender child's video on YouTube, she then knew she wanted to share her story with the world.

Starting with describing the fear of what her parents would think if she told them at a young age, Avery revealed everything she wanted the public to know about her journey. And if you're wondering how her parents have been handling her decision to share her transition -- Tom says he and Debbie are "proud of who she is" and that their goal as a family is to help others in similar situations.

Despite having to leave her pre-school and lose several friends in the process, Avery says there's a huge upside to her story that lies in finally finding herself.

See more of Avery's inspiring journey in these pics from mom, Debbie Jackson's Instagram:

New color...Blue Envy! #splat #envy #coolhair #bluehericane #blurhair #bluehairlady

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My SuperGirl, AJ, at the @equality_house showing her #trans #pride. Thank you, @planting_peace!

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3 years ago today, 1st public outing as a girl. #trans #transkids #love #happy #proud

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My daughter believes in herself 100% #prideandjoycampaign #prideandjoy #lgbt

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Feeling love and rainbows at the @equalityhouse in Topeka

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We had to visit the @equality_house while it was painted in the #trans flag colors. Thank you, @planting_peace!

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