2015's biggest graduation speakers

2015's Biggest Graduation Speakers
2015's Biggest Graduation Speakers

It's that time again. As colleges around the U.S. send their graduates off into the real world, they're using some high profile names to bid them farewell. Let's see who is showing up where this year.President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are making multiple appearances this year.

Obama gave a commencement speech at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota on May 8 and he'll be speaking at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut on May 20.

The First Lady spoke to graduates at Tuskegee University in Alabama on May 9 and she'll be flying to Ohio on May 25 to address students at Oberlin College.

A few of our favorite TV hosts are also making the rounds.

NBC's Craig Melvin is paying his alma mater Wofford University in Spartanburg, South Carolina this week. He graduated from there in 2001.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria plans to hit Macaulay Honors Collect at the City University of New York on June 2.

On June 16 graduates at the University of Wisconsin will get well wishes from Katie Couric.

And straight off the red carpet - Denzel Washington visited Dillard University in New Orleans last week.

And Matthew McConaughey will speak to graduates at the University of Houston on May 15. He's earning $135,000 for his words and is expected to give the money to his jk livin Foundation.

Stephen Colbert will no doubt give students at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina a good laugh on May 18.

And Stephanie Courtney - you may know her as Flo from those Progressive Insurance commercials - she'll be at Binghamton University on May 17 where graduated from in 1992.

As if having famous and successful people presenting words of wisdom before you go off on your own isn't great enough - graduates can leave school with a little more hope than last year's.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 65 percent of employers say they plan to hire new grads this year - that's up 8 percent from last year and on top of that they can expect higher salaries than in the past.

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