1 reason every NFL team can win the Super Bowl


At this time of year, every fan of every team thinks their own team can win a Super Bowl. We know very few will really have a shot, but still we all dream of seeing our team hoist a trophy on Super Bowl Sunday and imagine going to buy our little "Team X Championship" T-shirt.

And really, this time of year every team does have a chance. Nobody has played a down, so we have no real idea of how good (or bad) any of these teams are. Who's to say the Jacksonville Jaguars have no shot? Why can't the Tampa Bay Buccaneers turn things around?

At the end of the day, there's always a chance.

So today we've take a look at all 32 teams and given one reason that they could win the Super Bowl, one piece of the team, one player, one tactic that could carry them to victory if all goes well. And if it doesn't happen the way it's supposed to, the one thing which could kill a season as well.

We've got the teams in NFL Draft order still, placing the teams which traded their picks away into their original spots. We took a look at all of them to see which piece is the most important.

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