12 ultra boozy desserts

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Nothing better than ending a meal with a sweet/boozy touch! The following desserts are the best of both worlds, providing the pow of a little booze and the sweet richness of a decadent dessert.

1) Deep Fried Guiness

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"Each beer soaked, melt-in-your-mouth bite is filled with the subtle flavors of Guinness. The crispy, yet light crunch is perfectly balanced by the sweet, tender, and booze soaked cake. This is like funnel cake that partied just a little too hard." -Oh Bite It

2) Jack & Coke Pie

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"I'm not even a typical Jack & Coke fan..but something about the moist, rich filling, creamy and light topping that's drizzled with cascades of Jack Daniel's Caramel Sauce is to die for! I mean..just look at it!" -Oh Bite It

3) Bourbon Fudgsicle Shots

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"These little shots are the perfect size to top off any meal, the perfect little way to end the night..especially when it's SO hot outside and we've spent the entire day sweating!" -Oh Bite It

4) Red Wine Jelly Doughnuts

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"These are sure to create an entire planet of happy women!! YES, a world of happy women, can you imagine? Imagine the peace, the joy, the calm of Men everywhere..haha!" -Oh Bite It

5) Guinness S'Mores

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"A warm, gooey, Guinness cake-filled beer glass that's topped off with sticky Fudge and toasted Marshmallows~ CHEERS!" -Oh Bite It

6) Apple Ale Fritters
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"Now you can enjoy your Apple Fritters for breakfast OR happy hour and it's completely socially acceptable! These aren't your Dad's "sunday morning-newspaper reading" Apple Fritters.."-Oh Bite It

7) Tequila Shot Doughnut Holes

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"These party-filled puffed poppers pack a totally tipsy POW! You WILL taste (and feel) the tequila in these babies!" -Oh Bite It

8) Deep Fried 'Champagne Toast'
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"Yep..gone are the worries of spilling your drink all over your sequins, now you can pop that champagne right into your mouth again and again." -Oh Bite It

9) Apple Cider Gooey Bars
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"After one taste of this recipe, you'll be on board too, if you're not already. I'm desperately trying to gather my thoughts to form the adequate words that will do these gooey Apple Cider Bars justice." -Oh Bite It

10) Deep Fried Margaritas

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"Each Margarita morsel packs that slightly salty, lemony tequila punch, and is totally taken home on a sweet, lime zest, tequila glazed ride straight into your mouth!" -Oh Bite It

11) Hard Lemonade Sheet Cake

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"Moist and intense with each beautiful, boozy, buzz-induced bite, you'll definitely taste and feel that Hard Lemonade experience..slice after delicious slice!" -Oh Bite It

12) Sangria Cake
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"If you like the crisp, summery, refreshing flavors of Sangria, you will LOVE this moist, and succulent cake. It's a light and fluffy cake, studded with tender apples, drenched (and I mean DRENCHED) in sweet Sangria, totally smothered with zesty frosting..only to be drizzled in more of that decadent Sangria syrup!" -Oh Bite It

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