This Instagram-famous dog makes $15K a month

Menswear Dog Takes The Internet By Style
Menswear Dog Takes The Internet By Style


What happens when you model for the likes of Coach, author your own book, have a collection for Menswear Daily, all while maintaining a growing Instagram audience of 191,000? Well, if you're a dog, that means a very hefty paycheck.

But of course not just any pup is up to the challenge. That's where Shiba Inu Bodhi, better known as Menswear dog, comes in. What once started as his owners parodying self-serious fashion blogs has now turned into a full-time job for both doggie and owners alike. And according to Fast Company, Menswear dog makes a whopping $15,000 a month.

Although not its original intention, the Instagram and Tumblr sites now boast itself as how-to guide for building tailored looks. Plus, it's home to the most adorable puppy pics to grace the Internet. And what's better than that?

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