Conjoined twin makes it home for Mother's Day

Conjoined Twin Makes It Home For Mother's Day
Conjoined Twin Makes It Home For Mother's Day

A Texas mother received one of the best gifts of all this Mother's Day when one of her conjoined twins was finally able to leave the hospital and come home.Doctors at Texas Children's Hospital released Knatalye Hope Mata,1, on Friday. She and her twin sister Adeline Faith, who were born fused at the chest, were separated in a 26-hour surgery on February 17 when they were just 10 months old. They've spent the rest of their time at the hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit.

ABC News reports they both celebrated their first birthday in the hospital and have had more operations since then but on Friday doctors decided that Knatalye was strong enough to be discharged.

Hospital officials told the Houston Chronicle that the Mata family will remain in Houston until Adeline Faith is able to go home, possibly in the next few months.

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