Baby kangaroo, goats stolen from Wisconsin zoo

Baby Kangaroo, Goats Stolen From Wisconsin Zoo
Baby Kangaroo, Goats Stolen From Wisconsin Zoo

Authorities in Wisconsin are scrambling to find out who stole a baby kangaroo and four baby goats before something potentially serious happens to them.

Officials say someone nabbed the animals from the Wisconsin zoo's winter holding facility, which is located about 10 miles from the zoo in Greenville. Workers told ABC News that they fed the animals Tuesday night and when they came back Wednesday morning they were gone.

They are especially worried about the joey, which hasn't developed fur yet and needs special care to survive.

Zookeepers told WBAY the baby needs to live in its mother's pouch for the first year of life and it's only 5 months old... And the goats need to be bottle fed and are not old enough to be on their own either.

"They are not easy animals to take care of. It's not like a dog ... they need special care."

The news reminded many of the seal pup that was taken from a California beach last month.

Many reacted with disgust at this most recent incident.

Twitter user @DoughtMeNot called it, "Horrible!!"

Alani Alderman asked, "Who does that?!"

And @carrlllyyyy said, "Whoever stole that baby kangaroo out of it's mother's pouch at the Greenville zoo is such an awful person and deserves to get punched."

Investigators say there are no signs of forced entry and so far have no leads.

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