Cancer-stricken woman takes to Craigslist for last wish

Woman Dying Of Cancer Posts Dying Wish On Craigslist
Woman Dying Of Cancer Posts Dying Wish On Craigslist


An Oregon woman battling cancer took to Craigslist for one of her last, dying wishes.

Leslee Kirkendall, 56, simply requested to play with puppies for an hour. Kirkendall who has no children, had to give up her three dogs after getting too ill to take care of them herself.

In her post last month, she claims, "'This may sound silly, but I have adored and rescued dogs my whole life...I have stage four cancer and one of my last wishes is to simply..sit on the floor with a bunch of puppies and play with them for a hour."

The animal lover initially only received two replies from her Craigslist ad. However, after a little help from local news, she got an overwhelming number of offers. One man even offered to travel all the way from Chicago with his pup.

Although Leselee's remaining journey won't be an easy one, through the kindness of strangers, she can rest easy knowing at least one of her final dreams came true.

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