World War II vets gather for flyover to commemorate Victory in Europe Day in Washington, D.C.

WWII Planes Fly Over National Mall For VE Day
WWII Planes Fly Over National Mall For VE Day

Washington went back in time Friday to commemorate Victory in Europe Day.

World War II era aircrafts flew over The National Mall in DC as part of the Capitol's VE Day celebrations.

Victory in Europe Day celebrates the date in 1945 when German troops finally laid down arms across the continent. The commemoration is observed in both the US and UK.

For the 70th anniversary of VE day, vintage bombers and fighters flew over the World War II Memorial in Washington. The flyover lasted about an hour and included the planes flying in several formations that were used in some of World War II's major battles.

CNN reports that one of the aircrafts had to make an emergency landing due to a mechanical issue. Everyone on board that plane is safe.

Check out the slideshow below to see photos from the event:

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