OtterBox phone cases apparently aren't otter-proof

Can an Otter Open an Otterbox iPhone Case?
Can an Otter Open an Otterbox iPhone Case?

Ironically, an otter at the Red River Zoo in Farland, North Dakota, ripped apart on OtterBox case before tossing the unsuspecting visitor's iPhone into the water.

It all started when said visitor was innocently taking photos of the adorable otters with their iPhone. The individual then accidentally dropped it into the exhibit, after which the otter picked it up.

Valley News Live reported that eyewitnesses said the otter would retrieve the phone from the water, chew on it, and drop it back into the water over and over again.

According to the official OtterBox website:

"Similar to an otter's fur, our original line of cases is waterproof."

We now know that the case my be waterproof, but it is no match for an actual otter.

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