ONG worker hears woman crying for help under tornado rubble

Worker Hears Woman Crying for Help Under Tornado Rubble
Worker Hears Woman Crying for Help Under Tornado Rubble

OKLAHOMA CITY,Okla. -- It's an incredible story of survival during last night's storms.

A mobile home in the Forest Park mobile home community was tossed on top of a woman's home and left her trapped for hours.

Her rescue was all thanks to a technician working for ONG.

He was making sure gas meters were off after the tornado hit, and that's when he heard a faint cry for help.

"When I got to about here, I could hear her faintly asking for help," Cory Scalff, an ONG worker said.

Scalff was out monitoring open gas meters, making sure they weren't a danger after the storm hit.

"I wasn't a hundred percent sure that I was hearing something," Scalff says.

But he was hearing something.

What he didn't know was, hours before, neighbors had already tried looking for the woman trapped in the rubble.

"A bunch of us all got together, and started searching and we weren't able to find her," Dorinda Rose, a neighbor said.

They assumed she had left, until Scalff came up.

"There's rain and wind and other noises, but once I got the cops, we knew obviously there was somebody in there," Scalff says.

It didn't stop there.

Albert Roberts says he came in to help too.

"You helped her out?" Reporter Leslie Rangel said. "Wow, ok I have a question."

Roberts is deaf.

We communicated by text.

"She cried a lot and was in pain and was bleeding in her foot a little bit," Rangel read out loud from Robert's texts.

Neighbors say she was caught underneath a lot of rubble, and now it's incredible and hard to believe that rubble was two homes, completely destroyed.

"It's really heartbreaking, because we don't know if they're going to come back or not come back," Rose says.

We're told the woman did make it out safely, thanks to the ONG gas technician, and the folks who helped her get out.

"She is safe, God saved her," Rangel said reading Robert's text out loud.

ONG says they would like to find that woman.

Her name is Linda.

If you have any information on Linda, feel free to contact us here.

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