#momisbae trends on Twitter just in time for Mother's Day

Check out This Mother Lode of Mother's Day Facts
Check out This Mother Lode of Mother's Day Facts

As Mother's Day is nearly upon us, social media fiends have taken to Twitter to honor their beloved moms. Ironically, most moms don't have Twitter and probably will never see these sweet, funny, sarcastic, and nostalgic posts. Nevertheless, Twitter has compiled a list of the hashtags people are Tweeting to share their sentiments on behalf of moms everywhere.

Of all top Twitter phrases of the moment, #momisbae is particularly blowing up the Twitter feed and racking up plenty of favorites and retweets.

Some are utilizing the social trend in a sweet and sentimental manner:

Others honor their mothers' good humor in the face of typical adolescent obstacles:

However you choose to use the hashtag, make sure you let your mom (in addition to the entire social media sphere) know why she's bae this Mother's Day.

If your mom is bae, go through these pics to see what she really wants for Mother's Day:

​Is your mom bae? Let us know why via Twitter.

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