Man shocked to find offensive message on lottery ticket

Man Shocked To Find Offensive Message On Lottery Ticket
Man Shocked To Find Offensive Message On Lottery Ticket

A man from Elmira, New York, recently got an unpleasant surprise recently when he scratched off the letters on a Wheel of Fortune lottery ticket to find the words 'You Elmira Trash,' reported.

Nick Lynough, 22, doesn't think the message on his ticket was coincidental and was upset to see the phrase. He told ABC News he thought it was "fake" and tampered with." He says he felt beyond disrespected.

The ticket was handed over to the authorities to determine if it was fraudulent.

The New York Gaming Commission says the ticket is indeed real and released a statement which reads in part, "the unfortunate arrangement of words on this individual ticket was completely random, coincidental and – most importantly -- unintentional. The odds of these three words being selected in that particular order are 1 in 900 million," the Star Gazette reported.

The three words were found under the Person, Place and Thing categories on the ticket. In the end, while the ticket was real, it was still not a winner.

This isn't the only strange lottery story of the week. Earlier this week, a man who should have won $75,000 walked away with only $75. Then, to make the story even stranger, it was revealed that the man was actually an undercover inspector from the California Lottery, so technically, he wasn't a winner at all.

The man had turned in a ticket for the top prize in the Wild West Poker Scratchers game. Players have a one in 1,196,120 chance of winning the $75,000 prize, according to the lottery's website for the game.

Have you ever come across a strange phrase on a lotto ticket? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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