Detroit TV anchor stuns her co-workers and weatherman with 'hump day' flub

Detroit News Anchor Hopes For A 'Dry Hump Day'
Detroit News Anchor Hopes For A 'Dry Hump Day'

A Detroit news anchor hoping the rain would clear up on Wednesday used a poor choice of words.

WJBK's Amy Andrews was discussing the weather with her co-workers Wednesday (jokingly referred to as "Hump Day") when she naively dropped a double-edged phrase.

"Let's hope it's a dry hump day," she said.

While you won't see the term "dry hump" in Webster's Dictionary, Urban Dictionary's most appropriate definition of the phrase is "to hump another while wearing clothing, mimicking sexual intercourse." It's safe to assume most people are familiar with the definition, but clearly not everyone knows what it means.

The blooper went viral. Both Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon played the clip on their late night programs. However, Andrews has been a good sport about all the attention, and discussed the blooper on WJBK the next morning.

Watch the whole awkward scene unfold below:

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