BBQ joint giving 'White Appreciation Day' discount

BBQ Joint Giving 'White Appreciation Day' Discount
BBQ Joint Giving 'White Appreciation Day' Discount

"On June 11 what we plan on doing is White Appreciation Day and basically on that day all white people will get 10 percent off." That's an actual business plan for a BBQ joint in Milliken, Colorado.

Rubbin' Buttz owner Edgar Antillon, who is Hispanic, says the idea started out as a joke but he told KUSA because he takes equality so seriously, he decided to make it a real thing.

He said, "We have a whole month for Black History Month and we have a whole month for Hispanic Heritage Month so we figured what we could do, the least we could do, is offer one day to appreciate white Americans...We're all American, whether you came from a different country or you were born here. We're all American."

As it turns out, Rubbin' Buttz' idea is rubbin' people the wrong way. For instance, a user tweeted, "'White Appreciation Day' you mean everyday in America?" Plenty of other users agreed, like Joe Manna who said, "You know when white appreciation day is? 10 months of the year. This isn't from The Onion. Dude needs an education." And @steelchick34 had another idea: "Instead of white, African American, mexican, Latino etc appreciation days, let's have #human appreciation day."

Antillon stands to lose a bit of money for giving such a discount on June 11. According to a U.S. Census report, more than 80 percent of people in Milliken are white.

Colorado Restaurant Plans 'White Appreciation Day'
Colorado Restaurant Plans 'White Appreciation Day'

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