'We took grandma to Hawaii for the first time' and she is NOT impressed

Grandma's Hilarious Hawaii Pictures Go Viral
Grandma's Hilarious Hawaii Pictures Go Viral

HAWAII Q13 FOX- We all need a vacation every now and then.

But clearly a tropical paradise is not for everyone, including this grandmother.

Now, her grandchildren have made her an Internet celebrity by sharing her story, which quickly rocketed to the top spot on Reddit.

Reddit user ratedhero posted this photo of grandma with the caption, "We took Grandma to Hawaii for the first time."

Clearly, she is not impressed.

Commenters on Reddit wanted to know more. Did grandma enjoy her getaway?

Her granddaughter replied:

"That's questionable. Later in the trip we drove to an amazing spot with a waterfall. The waterfall was down a short, fairly level path in the jungle. My dad asked, "Don't you want to walk down and see it up close?" She and my aunt said "No, we can see it fine from the car." Pic from that exact moment: http://i.imgur.com/qK3br2l.jpg

Now, the Internet is abuzz talking about grandma! (Read more here)

You go grandma. You go.