Tips & tricks for getting rid of weeds without chemicals

Tips & Tricks For Getting Rid Of Weeds
Tips & Tricks For Getting Rid Of Weeds

Weeds can be a pain, especially when they get out of control and ruin all the hard work you've done on your lawn and garden.

But finding a good non-toxic option to getting rid of them can be a bigger pain. Here are a few tips and tricks for killing weeds sans chemicals.

1. Good old-fashioned elbow grease. If the weeds aren't too out of control, using a hand weeder to pop 'em out individually can be the most effective strategy -- especially before they flower and send out their seeds.

2. Organic spot control. Products like these are non-selective and kill everything green, so reserve this option for spot treatments and the patio.

3. Organic fertilizer. Promoting the overall health of your turf can help it fight against weeds itself.

4. Propane bernzomatic. This propane torch is can have you feeling extreme while you watch the weeds burn.

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