Shaquille O'Neal falls out of chair on set of TNT, internet erupts (Video)

Shaq Takes a Tumble on TNT Set
Shaq Takes a Tumble on TNT Set

Watching Shaq play basketball over the years, it's clear as day that the big man is less than graceful on the basketball court. Sure, he could dominant post players in his day, but the Big Diesel is just too big for everyday ordinary things - such as a chair.

In his playing days, Shaquille O'Neal was one of the best at what he did. He could rebound, he could score with ease and he had a very high basketball IQ - although free throws weren't his thing as Hack-a-Shaq was invented because of his poor shooting from the line.

Now that he's one of four analysts on TNT's NBA Halftime Report, O'Neal seems to always be making waves with some comments, along with Charles Barkley, or some embarrassing actions.

On Wednesday night, Shaq embarrassed himself more than he ever has - not that he cared too much.

While we didn't get to see what caused the fall, all we know is that he blamed Ernie Johnson for the now-infamous spill.

Not quite sure why he's blaming the host of the show for tripping over himself and spilling his 300-plus pound frame all over the set of the halftime show. What was even more magical was that the entire internet was watching because it's the NBA playoffs, and it basically melted as everyone was commenting on the fall.

The TNT set even worked to make a crime scene out of the accident.

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