Princess Charlotte's name a nod to the Middleton family

Princess Charlotte's Name A Nod To The Middleton Family
Princess Charlotte's Name A Nod To The Middleton Family

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, the newest little bundle of joy for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, has a whole lot of history in her royal name.

Charlotte is the feminine of Charles, no doubt named after her grandfather the Prince of Wales. Elizabeth after her great-grandmother Her Majesty The Queen of England. And of course, Diana, the late Princess of Wales and her paternal grandmother.

But there is more to these names than meets the royal eye. Elizabeth is not only a nod to Her Majesty The Queen, but it's also reportedly a nod to the Middleton side. Both Kate and her mother Carole share the middle name Elizabeth with Princess Charlotte.

Kate and Carole were given the name after Kate's great-grandmother Elizabeth Harrison. She brought her family to London in the 1930s, setting them on a path for upward mobility that would later lead to Buckingham Palace.

"The name has been in my family for generations and is very important to us. My mum was much loved by her family, was devoted to Dad and us children, and always did the best for us," Elizabeth's daughter Ruth, now 82 years old, told the MailOnline.

And according to Vanity Fair, the young royal's maternal aunt, Pippa Middleton, also shares the name Charlotte. It's Pippa's middle name.