Pizza parlor's charity feeds 15,000 homeless people in one year

Pizza Parlor's Charity Feeds 15,000 Homeless in 1 Year
At Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, customers can "pay it forward" by pre-purchasing $1 slices of pizza for people in need.

Owner Mason Wartman, who left his Wall Street job to open the pizza parlor, says the concept started with just one customer, one dollar, and one Post-it note.

Word of mouth spread and soon the walls were covered in colorful notes with encouraging messages.

Since that first pay-it-forward slice, Rosa's has provided nearly 15,000 pizza slices to needy Philadelphians.

If one small business's act of kindness can make this big of an impact in their community, imagine what could happen if businesses everywhere did the same?

Rosa's Pizza
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Pizza parlor's charity feeds 15,000 homeless people in one year
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just little words of inspiration that @ali24_48_36 and i left and #rosaspizza's in philly! doing something like this makes me feel so good about myself! we got 2 slices and left 2 slices for the homeless! i suggest everyone goes here! #pizza #rosaspizza #philly #buyasliceleaveaslice #feelsgood #inspiration #disney #watic
Paying it forward @rosasfreshpizza // @alexa_morrison #philly #payitforward #rosaspizza
God's laid a hand on this place. #rosaspizza
With #RosasPizza founder #MasonWartman, where u can #PayItForward & buy pizza for Philly's homeless. #BeyondMedyo
Every business should have this model! I can't wait to start my own project! ❤️👍 #payitforward #rosaspizza #philly🍕

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