Footage shows thieves changing disguises in store elevator

CCTV Footage Shows Thieves Changing Disguises in Store Elevator
CCTV Footage Shows Thieves Changing Disguises in Store Elevator

Check out this CCTV footage of three women changing into disguises so they can have a successful pickpocketing session. We don't know why people still need to be reminded of this -- elevators have cameras. This video is from security cameras in a Prymark clothing store in the United Kingdom.

According to police, those three women are changing in and out of disguises so the person they are following won't recognize them. Police say the trio spotted a woman taking over $3,000 out of a bank and then followed her into the store. They seem to be pretty confident because all three start changing their clothes while the elevator door is still open. Two of the women look directly into the camera and don't seem to care.

Ivana Ramic is the only one convicted so far. She's been sentenced to 11 months. Police say the other two women went back to Eastern Europe. Ramic was arrested a week later, after she was spotted by a security guard who had seen this original footage when she went back to the scene of the crime.

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