College athletes come together to perform random acts of kindness

College Athletes Come Together To Perform Random Acts of Kindness
College Athletes Come Together To Perform Random Acts of Kindness

When it comes to giving back to the community, student athletes at the University of Illinois at Chicago are setting the bar pretty high.

In an effort to help those in need, several students banned together to create SPARK (Students Performing Acts of Random Kindness) -- and as for their mission? Putting an end to homelessness and hunger in Chicago. The determined group includes student swimmers, gymnasts, basketball players and tennis players, all with a common mission to help those less fortunate.

Splitting up in groups regularly, SPARK members hit city streets and bring meals to those homeless in the Chicago area.

Initially starting out with 10 members, the group has now reached a total of 60 students who make homemade lunches two times a week and even have a lunch sponsor on board with their cause.

The athletes, who receive meals from the athletic department at UIC, say they'd really just like to 'pay it forward.'

Since the group first formed six months ago, 600 meals and counting have been handed out to homeless citizens around the Chicago area. SPARK founder and UIC Men's Tennis player Mitch Granger, says although he knows he can't do a whole lot for them, perhaps just one meal or a smile will brighten their day and maybe even their life.

SPARK's mission has been noticed not only by several news outlets, but by the public as well. See below for what the internet has been saying about the community efforts of these student athletes:

To find out more about SPARK and how you can help aid homeless in the Chicago area, check out or their Facebook page at

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