Clever campaign shows dog following shoppers around mall

Clever Campaign Shows Dog Following Shoppers Around Mall
Clever Campaign Shows Dog Following Shoppers Around Mall

Many shoppers at a mall in East London recently had the feeling that they were being followed.

That's because they were, and the culprit was an adorable digitized dog.

The pixelated canine ran from one electronic billboard to another, hot on the trails of people who were willing to give him a home.

It was part of an adoption campaign for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, one of the UK's largest shelters for domestic animals.

They worked with the advertising agency OgilvyOne to create the memorable display.

The challenge of making the dog actually follow people rather than just randomly showing up here and there was handled quite cleverly.

Upon entering the center, shoppers were handed a pamphlet that contained a digital chip.

As long as they were holding onto it, the dog would appear on the screen they were near.

The campaign has already resulted in one very happy ending.

According to AdWeek, Barley, the dog who starred in the interactive display, has found himself a new family.

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