Blind mom-to-be 'sees' unborn baby thanks to 3D ultrasound

Blind Mom-To-Be 'Sees' Her Baby's Ultrasound
Blind Mom-To-Be 'Sees' Her Baby's Ultrasound

Seeing an unborn child through ultrasound can be an emotional moment for any parent, but for Tatiana Guerra it was powerful.The 30-year-old mom-to-be lost her sight when she was just 17. Twenty weeks after getting pregnant with her son Murilo, she went in for an ultrasound, thinking her doctor could only describe what he looked like and she would have to rely on her imagination.

But then he surprised her with a 3D-printed sculpture of her baby based on the ultrasound and she was able to feel what he looked like for herself.

The doctor teamed up with Huggies in Brazil which caught the emotional moment on camera as part of a pregnancy-centered ad campaign called #CountingTheDays.

You don't have to be a parent to feel how special that moment was.