Backlash mounts against Chipotle's ban on GMO ingredients

Backlash Mounts Against Chipotle's Ban On GMO Ingredients
Backlash Mounts Against Chipotle's Ban On GMO Ingredients

Critics are speaking out against Chipotle's recent ban of GMO ingredients, saying that the company is marketing to the public's unfounded fears and that it is inaccurately portraying its food as healthy.

Critics argue that the company is attempting to market its products based on the public's unfounded, fear-based views of the issue.

According to them, a lack of knowledge about GMOs has led people to believe that eating these foods could result in allergic reactions, interfere with antibiotics, or cause other health issues.

However, numerous organizations including the National Academy of Sciences have deemed foods with GMOs to be safe for consumption.

The other primary argument against Chipotle's ban is that it implies that its food is healthier when many of its meals have been shown to contain more than 1,600 calories and high levels of salt.

The chain will also continue to offer sodas with high fructose corn syrup, a genetically modified sweetener, and products from animals potentially raised on GMO feed.

And some modified ingredients such as baking powder and preservatives will still remain in the food supply pipeline.

Oil and corn tortillas were the two biggest items affected by the ban.

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