AP PHOTOS: Windmill, Laundromat among weird UK polling stops


LONDON (AP) - A windmill, a Laundromat, and a boxing academy were just some of the weird and wonderful venues used as polling stations in Britain's general election Thursday.

While most voters up and down the country head to unremarkable locations - churches, schools, town halls - to cast their vote, some get to make their voices heard in quirkier venues.

In London's Kensington district, voters could grab a pint at the pub serving as a polling station for the day. In Oxford, Britons could presume there was no dirty politics at a station situated inside a Laundromat. And in Hull, a boxer practicing his moves at a punch bag at a boxing academy looked on as people cast their votes nearby.

Other locations are more picturesque. In Herne Bay, southeast England, part of a windmill was used as a polling stop.

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Britain's UKIP Looks Set to Win Seats